MESA MAT High-Performance damping products are designed and constructed to offer the best performance, sound and vibration control available today. With multiple product offerings with specific application and performance objectives, MESA MAT has the right damping product for your vehicle. Utilizing the best possible materials like pure butyl, AA grade Aluminum, mil-spec adhesives combined with extensive testing for damping properties, adhesion and temperature characteristics were conducted to ensure longlasting, top-quality performance.


A properly dampened vehicle will create a haven for the passengers. Increasing performance, efficiency, and quality of the sound system from reduced vibration and road noise. Better HVAC performance from the insulation properties, and less driver fatigue from a quieter cabin environment. Professional-grade products are also installed friendly for the DIY consumer. Mil-spec adhesives allow for the product to adhere with virtually no prep needed and easy to cut to shape for that custom install. Increase your listening and comfort experience with MESA MAT



“MESA has been a MAJOR BLESSING to our business!”

"Not only is it helping with our sales growth, it has also increased our profit margin on the lines that we already carried prior to becoming members. The special group buys allow us to make margins that were unheard of prior to membership. My business is up 10% and growing in my short time as a member. MESA pays for itself – The rebates we have received thus far have tripled our member dues. We're literally being paid to be a member and getting loads of other benefits as well. This alone would justify joining but when you look at all the marketing tools & programs, along with the ability to tap into some of the best minds in 12V, it's a no brainer. MESA is an absolute win for us!"

— Omar Jawad – Sound Depot and Performance – FL