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There are two Membership levels in M.E.S.A.: Platinum and Gold. All M.E.S.A. Members have access to all the same marketing materials regardless of Membership level but, some programs and VIRs are different for each level.

M.E.S.A. Platinum: The minimum yearly volume requirement is $2,500,000.

M.E.S.A. Gold: The minimum yearly volume requirement is $750,000.

In order to be considered for Membership 70% of the Member's total yearly purchases need to be done with M.E.S.A. Vendor Partners. This business must be done as a direct dealer, not through distribution.


Platinum— $4,500 per year


Gold— $3,000 per year

The benefits in programs, opportunity buys, VIRs, marketing materials and the sharing us best business practices more than outweigh the small cost.


Improve VIR Programs and special opportunity buys only available to M.E.S.A. Members help benefit you and your consumer. The way the retailer buys doesn’t change: M.E.S.A. Members still buy from the same representative, using the same programs they have always had. M.E.S.A. Deals go above and beyond a retailer’s previously negotiated programs.

  • Special opportunity buys, group buying power, & discounts

  • Exclusive M.E.S.A. branded products 

  • Access to M.E.S.A. Fit: a vehicle fit database tool that eliminates bouncing between multiple websites to locate a particular vehicle's installation needs

  • Scheduled and streaming vendor training videos 

  • Networking with the best minds in the industry 


M.E.S.A. (Mobile Electronic Specialists of America-pronounced “may-suh”) is the 12 volt industry’s first and only Member-Owned retailer marketing and selling group. Retailers meeting the criteria for membership and vendors, whose business practices support the independent channel of distribution, make up the backbone of the group.


Retail and vendor members are those who have demonstrated the highest level of business principals and acumen. Retail Members are comprised of dealers representing the best installation available to car stereo and electronics customers and many are winners of multiple industry awards every year.


  • M.E.S.A. Tint

  • M.E.S.A. Damping Mat

  • M.E.S.A. Wire

  • M.E.S.A. Remote Start


The people are the foundation of M.E.S.A.’s magic. M.E.S.A. provides various venues to facilitate communication among Members including sharing of best business practices. Member email lists allow Members to constantly exchange and access knowledge to help them run their business.


The annual M.E.S.A. Fall Summit brings together the best minds in the industry to provide solutions to the most common and complex issues facing our retailers. During the Summit, Members also have the opportunity to learn from and bounce ideas off of our Vendor Partners’ senior management teams.


M.E.S.A. did the legwork and negotiated the best deals for Members with our service partners. We have partners for credit card processing, 2 different tiers of customer financing, and online marketing including Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, and Websites.


The M.E.S.A. Fit sales tool gives Members’ sales staff the power to access a knowledge base of vehicles that is updated regularly by the best retailers in the country. Salespersons can pull up a vehicle and know immediately what they need to integrate into that customer’s vehicle without having to do the research on multiple websites.


M.E.S.A. is quickly changing many dealer's businesses for the better. Becoming a Member changes nothing regarding the way you currently do business on a transactional basis. Members continue to negotiate their own programs and purchase through their individual representatives. The M.E.S.A. programs further enhance your profitability and bring new opportunities through the group’s dynamic.

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