Through creative design and stringent testing, we have developed a MESA Wire line with many unique features. Performance and ergonomics were considered throughout every step of development. All blocks feature the highest-grade materials available.

The M3 premium audio cables are designed with the goal of achieving the purest sound quality that even the most critical audiophiles will appreciate.

M2 Amp kits are some of the last kits available to use true gauge wire that strictly follows the American Wire Gauge standard. The M Power and Ground wire included in the amp kits is made with high strand count pure oxygen-free copper that ensures your amps are getting the power they need to perform at their best.

Power and Speaker wire strictly follow the American Wire Gauge standard ensuring that your amps and speakers are getting the power that they need to perform at their best. The ultra-high strand count and frosted PVC jacket on the power wire increase the flexibility making for hassle-free installations

MESA Wire is the most advanced power distribution and audio cable system in the industry.




Since developing the first distribution block in 1990 Scosche continues our 28-year tradition of providing comprehensive installation solutions for 12-volt dealers. By strategically developing a sleek and flexible line of products we’ve proven again that we are a dominant force in the industry.

We have drawn upon a combined 100 years of experience from our designers and engineers to develop for you, the most innovative and exciting products on the market today. This experience along with a passion for the 12-volt industry makes Scosche the clear choice for M.E.S.A. to deliver maximum quality and innovation, we are after all – DRIVEN BY SOUND!



“MESA has been a MAJOR BLESSING to our business!”

"Not only is it helping with our sales growth, it has also increased our profit margin on the lines that we already carried prior to becoming members. The special group buys allow us to make margins that were unheard of prior to membership. My business is up 10% and growing in my short time as a member. MESA pays for itself – The rebates we have received thus far have tripled our member dues. We're literally being paid to be a member and getting loads of other benefits as well. This alone would justify joining but when you look at all the marketing tools & programs, along with the ability to tap into some of the best minds in 12V, it's a no brainer. MESA is an absolute win for us!"

— Omar Jawad – Sound Depot and Performance – FL